why does the impact score change?

  • 29 April 2020
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Hey Community.
I have a theory but looking for the legitimate answer--

Why does impact change when you look at different slices of data for the same question?


3 replies

Can Someone explain How Thrive score is calculated? Looks like It is Just not Average of 3 golden Question-

  • Most days I am energized by the work I do.
  • The work I am doing is meaningful to me.
  • I am empowered to do my best work

I think many other questions also having impact to thrive score. Can we know underlying information


Thank you!



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Hi Jenn,  I'm sorry I missed this!  The impact score is how much a certain factor correlates with overall engagement.  As you take different slices of data, you're looking at how that factor impacts more specific groups' engagement.  Because the individuals within different teams/regions/etc will have a different experience with each factor, their impact score will change.  For example, a colleague of mine said she always uses the example of work life balance.  Often, the impact score increases if you just look at female employees showing that worklife balance more strongly impacts their feelings of overall engagement.