Get Started with the Glint Community

  • 16 August 2019
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Get Started with the Glint Community
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The Glint Community is a public site. However, much of the content is available for Glint customers only. 

Verified on September 6, 2022.

Welcome to the Glint community! This site is a place for you to connect with other Glint users and to find resources that will ensure you get the most value from your Glint programs. 

Important: The Glint community is not to be confused with the Glint platform!  Your platform is where you will set up, administer, and view the results of your survey(s). The community is an ancillary resource to help you set up and optimize your use of Glint. Watch this 3-minute video to understand Glint’s ecosystem.

To create an account

From the community site:

  1. Select Login at the top right.
  2. Select Create an Account from the pop-up window that displays.
  3. Create a user name, add your business email address, and create a password containing at least 10 characters, including a mix of letters and non-letters.
  4. Review the Terms & Conditions. Select Accept.
  5. A banner will appear instructing you to activate your account. You will do that from an email that will be sent to the email account you have supplied.

For images to coordinate with this guidance, use the PDF file attached at the bottom of this page.

To reset your password, use the PDF guidance below.


To log in to your account

There are two ways to log in to your existing account.

Single Sign On (SSO) via your Glint account 

Gold star. Glint Best Practice: SSO is the preferred method of login as it ensures a smooth transition between your Glint dashboard, the community site, and our training site (Glint People Academy). With a Glint account, you can log into the community to view customer-only resources through SSO in two ways:

  1. Select Login in the upper right corner of the community and choose Log In with Glint. This opens a page asking you to log into your Glint account. Once you do, you will be redirected to the community.
  2. Log into your Glint dashboard, select ? in the upper right corner, then Help & Community. This will open the community and log you in.

Find screenshots and expanded information on SSO login here.

Username and password

So they may still access community content, this access method is available for customers who do not yet have access to their Glint account.

  • Select Login in the upper right corner of the site, then Create New Account.  Customer accounts will be permissioned within one business day of registration. From then on, select Login when you visit and enter the username and password you chose during registration. 

Watch a one-minute video of this process for visual guidance.

Access issues?


Introduce yourself

Put your best face forward by updating your profile and share what you want your fellow community members to know. Select the avatar circle in the upper right corner to expand the menu, and select My Profile. Follow the steps to upload a profile photo and update profile fields. 

Connect and follow

Subscribe to least one forum; we recommend subscribing to Ask & Share for updates on peer contributions. Following people and forums helps personalize what content you see and improves recommendations for places, content, and people that may be of interest to you. Find colleagues with similar interests, expertise, and roles, or follow people who lead areas related to your work.


In the forums, “like” a post that appeals to you. Better yet, reply to a question or comment on a post or start a discussion about a new topic. From the Connect Quick Link on the community landing page, select the Ask & Share forum. Peer sharing is the heart of our community!


The Glint People Academy (GPA) is where Glint customers access interactive training and is accessible via the top of the Glint community or dashboard. You must be logged into your Glint dashboard to access GPA courses.


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