Seeking Glint User Feedback

  • 14 September 2020
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Hi Glint users!  Glint’s product team is developing new Engage features and is seeking user feedback to shape what we build. By better understanding challenges you face, we will be able to build a stronger platform for our users’ organizations.

If you are interested in sharing your opinion with the product team, post here or contact me at and I’ll connect you. It would entail a one-hour conversation in the next few weeks.

We’d also like to ensure we build a platform that will help managers and employees, so we’re seeking feedback from end-users as well. If you know of a manager or survey recipient who would be vocal about their experience and willing to talk with our product team, please let us know that too. As a thank you, we will provide each participant with a $100 gift card or donation.

1 reply

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Looking forward to having this conversation, @bcolver !!  Thanks for asking for our feedback.