LinkedIn Talent Awards: New Glint category

  • 19 July 2021
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LinkedIn Talent Awards: New Glint category
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The LinkedIn Talent Awards are proud to recognize the efforts of the global talent community in 2021. As part of the LinkedIn network, we are excited to spotlight teams like yours who have pushed talent practices further than ever. Discover the list of categories in which we will celebrate talent excellence, including a whole new Glint category, the “Employee Engagement Champion” award. 



Visit the 2021 Talent Awards website to discover which categories are available for recognition in your location and how you can set your company up for success and recognition. The new Employee Engagement Champion award will recognize companies who are creating a culture of continuous feedback and growth to improve employee engagement and well-being in the past year. 

We can’t wait to spotlight our customers in this way!

3 replies

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That’s awesome!!


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Hi Brigid, do you know when the criteria will be available for the new Employee Engagement Champion award?  Thanks, Mel

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Hi @melonie.hedley - I’ve asked the team behind this; they are currently reviewing the following metrics, but are still parsing the data before they update the site.

  • Viewed LinkedIn Learning
  • Interacted with Goals
  • % of managers enabled with dashboards
  • Employee Participation Rates in the last Pulse