Go ahead and tell us: Why do your people love their jobs?

  • 30 April 2018
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Glint customers are a special type of company — they go above and beyond to help their people be happier and more successful at work. They’re committed to creating environments where their people love their jobs.

This ethos led us to create our new campaign, “Go ahead. Love your job.” This campaign celebrates our customers and all you do to create work environments filled with purpose, balance, and, often, even joy.

This campaign is also the beginning of a conversation. The more we share stories of the steps we’re taking to improve our employees’ experiences, and, thusly, our business results, the better we can all become.

We’ve asked a few of your fellow Glint customers to tell us first — discover below how Sky creates an inclusive workforce. Then, tell us in the comments what you and your team are doing to create environments where people love their jobs. We can’t wait to hear your story.


Practicing Active Inclusion at Sky

Authored by Catherine Garrod, People Involvement Manager at Sky

At Sky, our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and our people are empowered to deliver their best work. Our culture of inclusion is about Sky being a place where everyone can be themselves and love their jobs. We want every voice to be heard, and every person to feel confident to share their own perspectives. So we can share ideas and challenge each other’s thinking, bringing even more innovation and creativity to our customers.

Everyone being involved is the key: our people know what they can do every day to build a more inclusive culture within their own team; and leaders know how they can create an environment where that’s encouraged and embraced. We’ve built a simple and practical inclusion toolkit with research, videos and facilitator guides. Here are some examples:

  • Creating an environment where everyone contributes
  • Thinking about inclusion when making decisions
  • Building a more diverse team
  • Talking about race at work
  • Understanding unconscious bias

The toolkit is available all year, and really comes to life when people survey results arrive, if there are significant differences in scores for different demographic populations. We know from the Glint intelligence that Fairness and Leadership combined have the biggest impact on happiness at Sky.

We have a dedicated People Experience team, and the focus doesn’t stop there. Our buildings are tech ready with amazing collaboration spaces and quiet zones, meaning we’re ready to work anywhere, anytime in any style. Employee Networks are connecting and inspiring people to understand more about every aspect of society. And at home, we’ve all got Sky TV, so we can share the magic with friends and family.

Inclusion is about winning: it’s our people and our approach that make Sky successful, and I’m incredibly proud to be part of it.

If you aren’t actively including people,

you’re probably accidently excluding people

This article was originally published for the Go ahead. Love your job. campaign at glintinc.com/goahead.

Tell us in the comments section below what you and your team are doing to create environments where people love their jobs!

2 replies


I love this piece by Sky! It is inspiring to hear about an organization that is truly going above and beyond to create such an amazing employee experience.  @catherine.garrod 

We are Suffolk: a building contractor working daily to challenge an industry as old as time. We are an ideas-led business whose people thrive on reimagining construction, inspiring each other to think differently, grow professionally and set new personal goals. Above all, we achieve as a team – we care about our colleagues, their families and the communities in which we work. 

Our people are high performing, passionate, innovative and compassionate.  This is reflected in our work, the architecture of our offices and our impact in the community. We come together across the nation to deliver multi-million dollar projects across a variety of sectors, we constantly pilot new ideas and technologies, and giving back to our communities means more to us than just writing a check.  In addition to giving through our corporate foundation, we volunteer our time and our resources. Our employees have even started their own employee-driven non-profit, The Giving Circle – more than 80% of whom contribute on a weekly basis to support our Suffolk family during times of great hardship. Check out the impact of The Giving Circle through this video: The Hinkle Family - YouTube  

We approach our days with infectious intensity and curiosity because we recognize we are building a future for all. We are proud to be partnered with Glint so we can continue to improve our employee experience and create a lasting impact.  


Thanks for the shout out  @ksheridan there's a whole movement happening here at Sky, and it's incredibly inspirational and rewarding.

The Hinkle Family video is amazing - love the organic nature of the Giving Circle. C