Enhancements to suppression coming February 5, 2022

  • 5 November 2021
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Ensuring confidentiality is critical to helping employees be honest and open in their survey responses. With accurate data, companies can take more appropriate action on results and improve their business.

Glint recently introduced two improvements to the way we handle suppression (to protect confidentiality) within our platform: using response count and providing exceptions based on parent size. The Community page here goes into detail (with examples) about each of these. 

We encourage you to start using response count everywhere instead of head count when determining suppression. Since this will change the groups managers (and admins) are able to see within the platform (including prior surveys), it will be important to prepare your team for the change. Contact Support@Glintinc.com or your CSM on or before 5 February 2022 to make this change. That is the date on which Glint will turn it on for everyone.

Additionally, we have a bypass when the “parent group” is at least 400 or more respondents. This will be turned on in parallel with the response count feature.

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