Coming Soon: The Glint Manager Empowerment bundle

  • 30 June 2021
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Coming Soon: The Glint Manager Empowerment bundle
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Help managers take action with insights, conversation and collaboration. 

Managers are key to improving an organization's people success and engagement. Managers who listen and respond to the needs of their team can see increases in their engagement scores in just one quarter. Glint offers managers a wealth of data about their teams’ needs.  We’ve heard from some of our customers that managers take action less often than they would like because they often don’t know how to turn the data insights into next steps. That, on top of discomfort with engagement conversations and the lack of time can mean managers fail to take action.

The upcoming Manager Empowerment bundle builds on our previous features to bring together an end to end, guided manager experience. The bundle consists of an enhanced manager dashboard, Team Summary, the new Team Conversations and Nudges, now in Microsoft Teams. We are especially excited to introduce Team Conversations, which brings into Glint the ACT Conversation Guide framework to empower more effective team collaboration and conversations. Watch this video to see how these features take the guesswork out of the process that prevents managers from taking action by guiding them through the entire journey. 

Drive understanding with simpler and clearer engagement results 

Team Summary makes it easier for managers to understand their team’s results and what to do next. Managers are focused on important insights and can easily dive deeper into specific drivers. Select, quality LinkedIn videos can help managers with additional learning and insights.

Facilitate better conversations

Team Conversations is an interactive experience that helps managers share results, lead conversations and collaborate with their teams to select and take action on focus areas. 

Encourage managers to follow through

Glint Nudges gently prompts your managers to take the right steps at the right time. Nudges reach managers seamlessly in the flow of work, promoting completion of engagement and development actions. Nudges currently reach managers via email, and with this new set of features will also be able to reach them through Microsoft Teams as part of the soon-to-be available Glint Teams app.

For Whom and When?

Empower your managers to collaborate with their teams to improve their experience at work with these features. Team Summary and Nudges will be available for all customers to turn on in late August, and Team Conversations will be available for People Success Package customers at that same time.

Disclaimer: The features/naming in this document are subject to change and not guaranteed for release. 

2 replies

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Hi @Brandon.S - yes!  A few suggestions: 

  1. they can watch this demo (no need for community login, the link will work fine): 


  2. The one pager attached to this article was created for our community to share with their stakeholders - hopefully it meets your need?
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This is a great refresh! Is there a short aid or guide that we can give our managers that highlights the key changes they can expect to see with this rollout? I’m specifically interested in showing them the new Manager concierge features and Team Summary dashboard view. Thank you!