When I view the heat-map by manager hierarchy vs clicking into the specific manager listed, the colors change on what is considered strength/weakness. Why is this? The scores are the same.

  • 30 May 2019
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When I take a screenshot of the manager hierarchy and then drill down by manager and take screenshots of the manager report, it doesn't look accurate at first glance due to the color changes

3 replies

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Hi @tracy.wong, The Heat Map report renders the colors based on the data that is reported in each specific case. For example, if I'm looking at a Heat Map of my entire organization, the deepest blue might be a score of 85 and darkest red a score of 57, if those are my highest and lowest scores. If I then drill into one portion of my team and therefore the highest and lowest scores are different (for that subset of the population), the darkest red might be a 65 and deepest blue might be 90. Each report and the colors within them are relative. I hope this helps!


That is helpful Julie, but what if the scores are the same? For instance, a heat map showing the scores by pulse date compared to a heat map of the manager hierarchy (both on the same report). The scores are the same, but now the color coding is different and some scores are in red. 

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Hi Shay!  I think this is happening because while some of the scores may be the same , some of the other scores may have changed, thus changing order of highest to lowest.  Or are you saying that every single score between the two maps are the same?  

Definitely check out Heat Map Report (3:54)‌ if you haven't yet as it explains it much more eloquently than I did!