Viewing question details in heat map report

  • 20 March 2023
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Hi - is there a way I can download the heatmap report and include the detail of each question?

At the moment I am just seeing the category e.g. “Wellbeing”.

Is there a way I can download the report with the detail of the question behind the category e.g. the question behind “Wellbeing” could be “How are you doing?”

It just so happens I have multiple questions behind a category.

This information is available in the platform when hovering, but I can’t seem to get it in a report.

The example output I’m looking for:

  Demographic 1 Demographic 2


(How are you doing?)



(How do you feel about tomorrow?)



Thanks in advance! 

9 replies

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Hi @dmainardis 

When you export the results to a spreadsheet, It will automatically include the results for all the questions under each driver area… so if you have the overall driver of “Wellbeing” it will give you the results for “Wellbeing”, plus the individual questions “How are you doing?” and “How do you feel about tomorrow”.

Hope that helps?


Thank you @vicki.boyton !😊

Hi @vicki.boyton - thank you. When I download to spreadsheet it still only gives me the driver but not the underlying questions. Does it have to do with my settings?


@dmainardis I created a support ticket for you. Help is on the way!


Thanks @j_weiner! Do I keep track on here?




Ignore me, just received the ticket email, all good!

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Hi Daniele - when you’re on the platform do you have the “Ungrouped” button selected? (see screenshot below). That might make a difference?


@vicki.boyton @j_weiner  - I’m in the same boat as Daniele and can't download the actual questions. I was told my glint support there wasn’t the functionality to do this, but will raise another ticket.

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@Phil Norris - thats really odd. I’d be curious to know the answer?

From the dashboard I go into Reports then Heat Map Report.

Once i’ve set up the Heat Map as I want it I go to Export, then Export Report to Spreadsheet and it saves the report in Excel. It details the drivers and individual questions that sit underneath it too.

The other thing I use it for is to download the results for all the drivers and questions for all our teams into one spreadsheet - which I then use to identify teams who might need some coaching, or question hot spots...