Variance/ Standard deviation within survey scores

  • 12 October 2022
  • 2 replies

Can Glint provide standard-deviation within a particular survey question score/ overall score?  The standard deviation would help determine the extent to which a group are answering questions consistently. 

E.g. Given two groups of 100 people, both with a mean of 60 but a standard deviation of 10 vs 20, this would give insight that the average difference from the mean is small in group 1 and large in group 2 indicating consistency of opinion in group 1 and a wide variety of opinion in group 2. 

Currently, it seems, there is no way to get this insight in Glint except by breaking the groups out into smaller groups.


2 replies

@ian.clifford Thanks for reaching out. I’ll need you to send this question to I will follow up with them because this may be helpful information to add to our community guidance for other customers to benefit from.




I was wondering if this question was answered. I’m keen to know if standard deviation can be calculated  from the surveys for items such as eSat, Leader Effectiveness.

Kind regards