The math behind numbers

  • 12 January 2024
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Can you please share how you convert raw numbers into a final score? So for example, if on a question your favorability is 89%, nuetral is 11% and unfavorability is 0% - how would you convert that to a final score? 

1 reply


Hello- There are two things to keep in mind when looking into your reports. Glint reports on 2 scores. The main score is the average score - which is where each scale point is converted to be out of 100 - as the following:

1- 0

2- 25

3- 50

4- 75

5 - 100

The second score we report on is the favorability score, this is the % score you are looking at, it is the distribution of responses that make up the overall average score. This distribution is made up of the percentage of people who responded favorably to a question (blue), neutral (grey), or unfavorable (red). On a 5 point rating scale, ratings 4 & 5 are favorable, 3's are neutral, and 1 & 2 are unfavorable.


This is why even though you might have 100% favorable you could still get an actual score under 100 since both 4 and 5 are considered favorable.


Here are some great articles with further insight: