Survey Results

  • 19 April 2021
  • 2 replies

I did not receive an email with a link that shows my survey results and when I go into the Glint site separately it says to follow the specific link that was emailed to me to see my reports. Are you able to resend the email to me or allow me to have access within the website alone?



2 replies

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Hi @lmbestph - I’m going to pull in our support team to provide guidance.  It’s typically your own organization’s administrators that determine when and to whom reports are sent, so it’s possible that reports are not yet available, but our team can look into it for you.  Please watch your email for follow up!

@lmbestph  I did not “release” the results to my organization before the email invitation to view was sent out. Would that cause an email from GLINT to not go at all to those recipients? If so, how do I re-send the invitation to view results?