Share reports to collaborate on analysis

  • 16 June 2021
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Hi, my team is responsible for providing analysis on the survey results. We can share reports built with specific filter views, but only the author is able to view the filters and update the filters.  Is there a way to enable a select group of analysts to share reports so we have the same source of truth?


The only workaround I can come up with so far is for each analyst to create identical reports using identical filters. Any other ideas?  This risks that if one analyst accidentally changes the filters, the team will not be in sync.

2 replies

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Hi @lynne.laquian - I’m sorry for the delay, I needed to look into this.  Shared reports are static by-design, limiting functionality to ensure that sharing is used in an appropriate manner. You’ve done what our team would recommend - share with the group the details of how to create the report.  You could also (if everyone has admin login as the user capabilities) create and save the the report on a user’s behalf and have all parties login as one person to access a saved report in that account.

@bcolver , if an admin account is created to support a group of folks wanting to use the same report, will Glint allow multiple logins to that account at the same time? Or will we have to stagger our logins/report pulls to not overload the system? 


Thank you!