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  • 23 September 2020
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Hi, how is the score calculated for a question with a "skip" response. For eg 1  skip , 6 with answers. I assume only the 6 with answers are calculated as the average of 6 responses. Thanks


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Hi @chetping.lim 

The average score for each question only includes the actual responses for that question. The average score excludes skipped responses. As an example, let’s say 7 respondents on a team completed the survey, but 1 person skipped a particular optional question. The average score for this question is calculated as the average score for the 6 responses and excludes the 1 person that skipped the question. 



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Hi, I have an additional question on this. 7 respondents in a group, 5 respondents skip the questions and only 2 respondents leave a score. Is the score crossed out due to anonymity or does the score still appear based on the 2 answers?