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  • 3 January 2022
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In my response rate I see the number of 8 respondents out of 13 but I am sure that 12 out of 13 filled in the survey. My department consists of office people and 5 logistics people who have their own team lead but are too small to have their own results. Those 5 people are included in my total but their scores are not included in my results. Can someone let me know how this can be corrected?


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@leon.pelgrim Happy New Year! All response rates and scoring are based on the rollup hierarchy at the time of the survey. If your department had 13 people in it, those 8 responses would be the correct number of people who actually submitted their responses within those 13 people. Your company administrator is best positioned to tell you who was included in your team (the 13) but cannot tell you who responded (the 8).