Reporting - Combining Manager Results

  • 20 April 2023
  • 1 reply

I saw a question out here about wanting to combine results from 2 managers into one report and the result was that a Zendesk ticket had to be open but there was no response as to whether it could be done.  We have a similar need where we have multiple managers that do not have enough directs to get reporting (they report to different managers), so they wanted to combine their teams results so they could get perspectives.  One was that they wanted to see how their population in Canada is doing.  

Can someone let me know if that is possible or if I need to open a special request to do so?

1 reply

@christopher.johnson That is indeed a good question. I’ve created a ticket for you and I will be sure to follow up so that we can post this information where others can find it, as needed. Thanks for resurfacing.