Removing averaged/normalised score

  • 18 February 2021
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Hi there,

Is there a way to remove the normalised scores and just have the standard Favourable/Neutral/Unfavourable scores?  I’m finding it difficult to be able to really dive deeper in my people’s thoughts and sentiment when I have one score which tells me one thing only.

I understand the rationale but I don’t think its particularly easy to explain to non-data literate individuals.


2 replies

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Hi @timmy.cheung - no, we can’t remove the normalised or average score.  Favourability is important for understanding the spread and variability of responses, but the average is most meaningful metric to track over time.  This article shares much more about the science behind this stance.

And to your point about explaining to people less comfortable with statistics, this short overview might help, but let us know if we can wordsmith further to make it simpler to understand!


Hi @bcolver thanks for this!  So how would I explain this to a CEO, if lets say I have a score of 66: do I say its 66%?  Or 66 points?  Or just 66?


While I understand the rationale behind normalising the score, I’m surprised that Glint has opted for this approach as I haven’t seen any other consultancy take this radical stance.