Re-opening a survey as an admin

  • 9 June 2022
  • 1 reply


I am an admin in Glint. We released the results of a 360 survey cycle. Now, one of the participants in this cycle who received a report wants to re-open the survey to get feedback from another rater. Another participant who didn’t reach the confidentiality threshold wants to re-open the survey to get feedback from more raters. Can I do this by simply right-clicking their names and selecting “re-open and extend due date”? If so, will they then get a revised report once the new due date hits?



1 reply


Hi Natalie!

Technically yes, you can re-open the cycle for just those subjects using the method shown in your screenshot. Please be advised that if the additional rater is part of a confidential rater category (with a minN of at least 3), it may be possible for the subject to determine how they responded to the feedback request since they had access to the original report, and will have access again with the additional feedback. 

Please also be advised that any other raters who did not respond may receive reminders for the cycle as well. 

Once the feedback has been provided, you can (re)close the cycle for that subject using the overflow menu (three dots), and the report can be released again. 

I hope this helps! Please feel free to reach out to Glint Support ( with any issues or additional questions. Thanks!