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  • 23 September 2022
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Hello community - can anyone direct me to instructions on how to ‘log in as’ another user? Many thanks


Best answer by samantha.barlow 23 September 2022, 16:22

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9 replies

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From the dashboard, click on ‘Configure’ (the cog wheel). Select ‘People’ and type the name of the person you want to log in as in the search bar. When their name appears below, click on their name. When their details page opens, you’ll see a ‘Login As’ button in the top right corner of the screen.

Hi @samantha.barlow thank you so much! I logged in our our CPO and can see that she is not able to view the full company results of our recent pulse survey. Previously she has been able to view this. Do you know why this might be? Many thanks

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I’m not an expert so you might be better waiting for someone from Glint to reply, or asking your CSM or Glint Support - but I’d check her user role to be sure it’s been allocated correctly. If she only has the Manager role access, she’ll only be able to see her own team’s results. If that’s the case, you’d need to add one of your admin or HR roles to her access so she can see everything, or build custom access for her - I’d recommend the first suggestion as custom roles can be a bit of a pain to manage!

@samantha.barlow It sounds like there has been a change in her role permissions, possibly inadvertently. You can also look at that in the People section or within User Roles on your admin dashboard. 

Thank you @samantha.barlow for helping another customer!



Hi both - thank you for helping me work through this. Its my first time running a survey :) 

We had to edit her access to enable her to view two teams before the survey. My CSM made it clear it was an exception and that customising access isn’t recommended. I wonder if that has somehow stopped her from viewing all results? I can see that her user roles are: Active Employees, Company Admin and Executive Committee. 

In the customised section I can see she has 2 populations.

@emily.evans Can you delete her customized roles or does she still need them? If you cannot delete them (or don’t want to), your next step is to reach out to and they will assist.  Include the URL from this chat so they will know where you are at in your sleuthing!


If I delete the customisation, would she still be able to see the two team results? The context is that she is currently straddling two teams, People and Culture and Simplification. Originally she wanted to view both sets of results but now she wants to view all company results. I think I will try your suggestion of removing customer access. I have contacted support and will share this link with them too! Thank you!

@emily.evans That’s definitely a question that support will be able to help you with, But I think you’re on the right trail - one person can only be one person!


Thank you so much :D