Is a reporting API on Glint's product roadmap?

  • 29 January 2022
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Two limitations with Glint are the lack of reporting API for summary data to connect in our HR Data Warehouse and native integration into Slack (we use Slack over Teams at our organization). Exporting CSV files individually is not scalable with the our org size and the frequency at which we are using lifecycle (onboarding, pulse, exit). This creates an extensive amount of work to get the various views of data exported manually. We desire to centralize our summary/aggregate results data into our HR Data Mart, which is commonplace for most HR tech today. For Slack, it is a modern way to meet organizations where they are with internal communication tools (in addition to text) and would be an awesome as another channel beyond email.


Are these items currently on the Glint product roadmap? Overall, I love the Glint product but these two major limitations from competitors such as Peakon Thank you!

2 replies

I would also very much like to understand what options there are for getting API integration for available reports.

Bumping this.  Same thoughts and goals.