How to re-order sections within a report?

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When adding sections to the report, new sections are automatically added to the bottom. This isn't always the best place for that section, and the only way we've been able to re-order sections is to delete them and then re-add them in an order that makes the most sense. 

Is there a feature that allows you to move a section up or down?

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Hi Courtney, no you're right: deleting the section above is the only way currently to re-order.  There is a feature request open, however, to drag re-order in the same way we do with questions.

Bump, as it’s already two years old. Is there an ETA on this feature request?

I also noticed some buggy behavior when dragging section titles, which dissapear from view after scrolling. It would be nice to have “move to top”, “move to bottom”, along with “add between existing questions” functionality.