how can you pull and display strengths and opportunities

  • 19 October 2020
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how can you pull and display strengths and opportunities

2 replies

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So after some playing around I figured it out, but am disappointed that it is not very intuitive. There is a  video but it is not enough to inform employees on how to get to their S&O data. Here are the steps I had to take: first navigate to the executive summary report, then click “add section” and added Driver Impact (not the impact by demographic report, just the driver impact report). Then, I scrolled down to the bottom to view the driver impact section and had to toggle the view from default view to list view - then I was able to see the S&O section. This is many additional steps that are NOT covered on the video. I will now have to create an additional document to walk users through this process unless I can find one on the Community.

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Hi @shelley.utley - do you mean export them?  The best way for any content to be viewed is in the platform itself because you’ll be able to click further into varying levels of information.  However, you can go to Reports > Driver Impact and choose your view (chart or table - table is the typical “strengths and opportunities view and indicated by the icon with 3 horizontal lines) and then click the icon of a box with a downward pointing arrow just to the upper left of it and choose to what you want to export it. Let me know if this helps!  You can also watch the short Driver Impact quick tips video for a fuller overview.