How can i view heat map report which will show scores from at least five previous survey with the current one, at a go

  • 9 June 2021
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Currently, when i view Heat Map report, under ‘Pulse Date’ sub section, i am able to see only the current and the last survey scores. Is it possible to increase the number of previous survey columns to get a quick comparison of the scores of all the previous surveys (at least five previous surveys, minimum). So that we could horizontally see the changes in scores of each question (either the question covered in the previous survey or not, doesn’t matter. Obviously a non repeated case would fetch no data) going from left to right to the oldest survey.

1 reply

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Hi @Ameer Ali - this is possible, but something your Glint admin / program owner will need to discuss with your Customer Success Manager as it would then be the default for the full company if your CSM turns it on.  Please reach out to your admin (on your HR team)to discuss.