How can i filter comments based on comments sentiments ?

  • 6 September 2020
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I’m looking for guidance/ tool functionality through which I could review comments falling under the 3 sentiment categories - Positive, Neutral & Negative. Currently, for each questions all comments are shown together, however as an organization we would like deep dive more on comments trailing between negative to neutral and go through each to understand the pulse and underlying focus areas. Request more clarity and steps to access this feature - ‘To filter comments by sentiment-  Positive, Neutral & Negative’


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Hi @smahajan25,

You can filter by sentiment! If you go to the Filter option at the top of the Comments report and then go to the Question Responses tab, you’ll find a Sentiment filter, allowing you to segment by Mixed, Negative, Neutral and Positive comments.

Keep in mind that applying these filters will narrow down your results and the results still need to meet the confidentiality threshold to be displayed. Also keep in mind that not every employee leaves a comment and a handful of negative or positive comments can’t be seen as representative for the entire population.

I hope that helps!


Many thanks for your quick response. I was able to get the desired result using above steps. Thanks !

Hi, what is the difference between mixed and neutral comments? Not very clear for me. Thx!


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@LaviniaTrandafir, I assume that Mixed means that a comment includes some language indicators of both positive sentiment and negative sentiment, while Neutral means that there are no/few sentiment language indicators either way. Not sure if that’s the official Glint definition though!

Right, thank you @samantha.barlow, i feel like it may be that but i'd like to make sure..:)

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Hi @LaviniaTrandafir , @samantha.barlow is exactly right.  Mixed means both positive and negative sentiment are identified in the same comment.