Historical surveys not showing in the dashboard during an open survey

  • 17 January 2024
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On the Dashboard I currently can not see my previous survey results nor can I see the results for my people leaders. Our company is currently in a survey window and it seems because we are in a survey window I can not see any historical activity. I need this information as I am in the process of writing reviews. The question is--how can I access historical reports when the company is in a current survey window. Thanks, Randy

1 reply



In order for you to see results from previous survey cycle please follow the instructions down below:

1. Login in your dashboard
2. Click on 'Reports'

3. If you have access to multiple survey programs, please ensure the survey program you are wanting to review results for is highlighted blue on the left side of your screen. 
4. Choose a report, for example 'Executive Summary'
5. Click on the Filter Bar at the top of the report (underneath your initials on the top right hand corner)
6. On left hand side you can see a blue box with a rocket and slightly to the right you will see the latest cycle
7. Click on cycle name
8. It will pop up a drop down below to see, and select, the previous cycle

If you have further questions, please reach out to Support at: