Historical Data Tracking

  • 17 September 2020
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If a manager sees that their results went down but they had moved teams and now have different results, is that based on their results the last time or the way the people that report to them now responded?

3 replies

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Hi @Abby Kimball - It sounds like the manager's team changed completely since the last survey. Does this mean the employees that reported to the manager previously no longer report to the manager and the manager now has new group of employees? Am I understanding that correctly? If so, the trend they see shows the change in score between their old team (as it existed on the last survey) to the new team (as it exists on the current survey). Each survey captures a moment in time snapshot, so the score reflects the manager's team as of the time the survey occurred. If their team score decreased, this could be a result of the composition in the team that comprises the scores, and not a true change in sentiment.

This set of slides gives a series of examples of how trend follows managers or employees.

How do you access previous survey results? I can see when they were done but unable to open the report. 

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@lee.powell This may depend upon how permissioning was set for the report you want to see. Reach out to and they will be able to help you.