GRANTING ACCESSTO THE Signals Dashboard to a team member

  • 17 June 2022
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Dear MS Signals Team,

As I will be out on sabbatical from July 1st, I wanted to enable a member of my Team to take ownership for the MS Signals follow up in this period. In this regard I would like to grant access to Olivier Bessieres from my team to the signals Dashboard. Please confirm if this is possible and what action I need to take to enable him to see the report.



1 reply

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Hi @dolennon - Thanks for reaching out! This would definitely be a request for your Glint administrative team who can grant access based on manager hierarchy, etc. I would suggest connecting with your administrator, or if you don’t know who that is, please reach out to, which is our incredible technical support team who can assist. If you’d like, I can also generate a ticket on your behalf here, but you’ll likely need to add some additional security information.