• 16 June 2022
  • 2 replies

I am trying to enter my goals from MAY 2022 Glint Pulse.  The topic chosen was communication. That had been a goal in May 2021 so all of the old action items show up.  Also, when I choose communication - it only gives the option to edit not to choose it.  Then when I select edit - the old 2021 information is attached to that topic.  I had even previously marked that goal as complete.  Is there a way to start fresh?


2 replies

@leigh.frazier2 Let me get your question to the right Glinster!

Hi @leigh.frazier2 

Thank you for posting your question. Please try creating the new goal for Communication by going to your Dashboard for the May 2022 pulse, and scroll to the Strengths & Opportunities section.  Select the “Take Action” button next to Communication, and this should create a new goal based on the new May 2022 survey cycle. If this doesn’t work, please contact and we can better assist your specific case. Thanks!