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  • 15 October 2021
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I have been sent an email to view my stores results but when I log in I cannot see any of them??  My assistant has had the results but I dont please could this be investigated.

2 replies

Good Morning,

My results are showing that I have 6 team members and 100% participation. 

However, I have over 450 team members and my participation was near 90%

How can I can my results. I don’t think that my team loaded to my Glint 

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Hi @andy.barlow - I’ve switched your note to a support request. Glint support will look into this and follow up via email.  @mariela.tuero, I suspect you are seeing the results of your direct team.  Go to the reports tab, choose a report, and then select the filter icon in the upper right to make sure you are viewing the full hierarchy.  If this does not provide the view you are seeking please do also reach out to Glint Support at