Getting suppressed data

  • 3 August 2022
  • 2 replies


One of my internal customers is asking for her 360 survey data. While she can see her manager’s feedback (this is the only rater category where she met the threshold for confidentiality) she wants to see the rest. I explained to her that that data is suppressed and even I can’t see it, as an administrator. However, she is asking me to submit this request to Glint. Is there any way for her to get data from the other rater categories - even just open-ended feedback? 




2 replies

why would the data be suppressed? What are the thresholds that need to be met? Can we see how many people responded?

@natalie.wolfson Glint maintains strict confidentiality boundaries and thresholds so there will be no way for her (or you) to review information that didn’t meet the thresholds. Sorry, but you were correct with your answer to your employee. Thank you for supporting the integrity of survey responses.