Focus Area Report for HRBPs

  • 19 August 2021
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We have recently turned on Focus Areas Reporting for our HRBPs; however, after viewing what they are able to see I don’t feel like this report would provide the information they’re looking for.

Is it possible to have our HRBPs be able to view the specific action items/focus areas for each manager that has added them in the Glint platform?

3 replies

Hi! We have been using GLINT for about 5 years! I love hearing that your managers are using the tool to track!!!

After I pull that report of telling how many managers have stored a focus area report. I usually use the “configure” tab - then “log in” as that manager as needed. Not sure it’s the most effective use but I can see everything that’s listed for them/their managers.  

I am also interested and I couldn’t even figure out how to share the focus areas and the associated action items with my team.

Hello I am also interested in this question. is there an answer available somewhere ?