Filtering by question and country

  • 12 November 2020
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I’m hoping someone can help me.  I want to see trend analysis for a particular question by country.  I can do this at a regional hierarchy level (so for europe) but I want to drill down into the countries - any idea how i do this?

thank you

1 reply

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Hi @louise.parsons,

Part of this answer is going to depend on the configuration and your permissions. If you have the permissions to take a closer look at results, you can follow the breadcrumb in the filter menu. When you are filtering by location through the filter panel, you may see the region first (e.g. Europe) and if there is a more granular level, you’ll see a “>” shape to indicate you can go one level deeper to a sub-region or country that’s been set up. You can click on that arrow to drill into that location in more detail and then apply the filter.

When you’re in the filter panel, you can also search for a particular country (e.g. United Kingdom) and that specific filter will pop up, again, if it has been configured and you have the permission to view it.

I hope that helps!