Explaining "Impact" and its definitions in simple terms in a pulse engagement survey

  • 10 June 2020
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Hello!  I'm trying to get a good "layman's verbiage on how to explain "Impact" and its different scales (high, very high, etc) on a pulse survey?  I understand the scientific definition offered in the resources sections of the community, but wanted to ask if you have a simple way of explaining it. 


from a first time pulse user 


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2 replies


Hi Andrea,

Thank you for reaching out and congrats on your first pulse! Impact essentially means the correlation, or the relationship between an item and the outcome (the outcome is either eSat or eSat + Recommend depending on what your organization chose as the Engagement measure). If an item has a very high impact, it means that those who scored that item high or low, are also very likely to have scored Engagement high or low. For example, if Career is a high scoring item and has a very high impact on Engagement, it means that those who scored Career high very likely also scored Engagement high because they're highly correlated. The same explanation would apply for those that are low scoring. If Career was low scoring with a very high impact, that likely means that those who scored Career low, also scored Engagement low. Note that the items that have a very high, high etc. impact on Engagement will change depending on the cut of data you're looking at. That is because the impact is specific to your organization, and can vary across departments, locations etc. 

Ultimately, you want to focus on the items that have the highest impact on Engagement, the lowest score and difference versus the benchmark when you're choosing and area of opportunity to focus on. 

I hope this helps! 

Thank you,



Thank you, very helpful!!