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  • 20 April 2021
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I have an employee who just returned from a Leave of Absence and is unable to take survey.  When he clicks to take the survey, he sees the message “Successfully Logged Out” immediately after he logged in.  How can this be resolved?  Thank you.

7 replies

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Hi @tania.m.kiley - thanks for reaching out! I have created a support request on your behalf. Our team will be happy to check this out for you.  Check your email for follow up.

Im unable to take my survey ,i attempted several times 

@martin.martinez Sounds like you need a new invite. From our tech self-support page, an admin can:


Can I resend a survey or invite a new employee that specifically asks for it?

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Glint offers 2 methods for admins to resend surveys to employees within your organization:

  1. Send via our Resend Pulse link
    • Update this link with your Company UUID (you must change the UUID):
    • Anyone can use this link. Consider sharing the link and the instructions in your internal communications. Here’s an example: In this example, thrive = Customer UUID
    • Enter the recipient’s email address on the web page.
    • Select Email Pulse Invite. This method sends emails as follows:
      • For an employee invited to a survey, with an incomplete survey - an invitation for all incomplete surveys that an employee is eligible for.
      • For an employee invited to a survey, with a completed survey - an email stating they have no active surveys.
      • For an employee neither invited or with active surveys - no email. 
  2. Navigate to Configure > People > Select an Employee > Actions > Send Pulse > Select Pulse > Send > Confirm Send. If the user has completed their survey, they will be directed to the Thank You window.

You’ll need to reach out to your direct manager or HR if you are unsure who can do this for you.



Good evening,

I was out on leave and returned on 09/25/2023. I was unable to locate a Glint invitation to take the AVS. When trying to log in to do the survey via the QRCode or via a link on a computer, it states, “ Could not validate your credentials. Please try again.” I have submitted an email to and submitted a service ticket. Please advise if there is anything else on my behalf I can do to remedy this issue. Thank you. 

@239969 Your manager or Glint admin can provide you with a new link to take the survey. 



@Judy Weiner Good afternoon, my BOM and ABOM have tried to provide me with the link as well as I have tried to send it to myself but I never receive an email besides the “Welcome to Glint Community” email. Is there any other options I or my management team can take to hopefully remedy this issue? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. 

@239969 I’m filing a support ticket for you. Sorry this is happening!