Downloadable Video for Mgr Training?

  • 22 October 2020
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Is there a library of videos to download? I want to communicate to my managers how to take action planning. This is the link to the video I would like: I would like to include this vignette in my powerpoint.





1 reply

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Hi @lisa.beyersdoerfer - the videos aren’t downloadable, but almost all videos from our training are also linked from the community and anyone who has those links can access, whether they are community users or not. You can view the full list of videos available for external sharing here:


The link to the video you are referencing is not on that list, so I am sharing it here:  HOWEVER, I believe that Action Plans are no longer available (which is why we do not include the video on that list) and that all Glint users were migrated to the new Collaborative Action experience last month.  I am double checking that - perhaps there are some exceptions :). The link to the video of the new action taking experiennce - Collaborative Action - is included in the list linked above.  I hope this is helpful!