Does Glint have the capability to create custom groups?

  • 9 July 2020
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I’d like to create custom groups using the filtering options. For example, if I wanted to look at Pulse results and compare them between job functions and managers from different business unites within my company, I would first have to filter under one manager and pull the report - then find the second manager and pull that report which will ultimately have to be manually merged together using excel. 


Is there a way to combine AND statements within the filter so I can combine multiple reports at different levels within Glint?

3 replies

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Hi @cjcoleman,

There may be a way to do so, though this will depend on the level of access you have as well as the permissions and attributes that you have access to. It’s also important to bear confidentiality thresholds in mind as these may prevent you from pulling specific information.

If you’d like to look at results side-by-side for e.g. manager A in function 1 and manager B in function 2, you can apply a filter at the top of the page to include both of the functions and then set your report segments to be sorted by the team/manager level. Using a heat map reporting segment is probably going to be the easiest to do.

Hope that helps!



Currently, our Glint system only shows the top line manager as a default, so what you are saying is that

If I wanted to compare Manager A → Under Director A → Under VP A

to  Manager B → Under Director B → Under VP B


I would add a filter to include:


Director A & Director B

Manager A & Manager B


And then create the heatmap at the manager level?

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Hi @cjcoleman,

Thanks for the additional context!

Starting out on the heat map report, you can apply a filter starting at VP A’s team and then drilling to the manager level. When you save that filter and then go back, you can add another filter to do the same thing for VP B all the way to Manager B.

This screenshot may help, bearing in mind that the configuration may be different from yours. If I go through the “4 >” for the first group until I get to the manager that I would like to pull in and then do the same for the third group, you can compare results.


When you have your heat map segment sorted by team (or equivalent for your set-up), you’ll see the results side-by-side.

Please let me know if that worked or if you have any additional questions!