Distribution List - Filter By Hire Date

  • 29 April 2022
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We’d like to create a distribution list for employees hired after a certain date. We will then exclude these employees from the survey. How can this be set up?

4 replies

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@susannasu You will need to exclude those employees from any other distribution list and then create a new one for those folks. Then during survey setup, you simply un-select the newly created distribution group.




This should be a feature and not require the proposed workaround.

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@susannasu , I think there was some confusion. Do you have the distribution list (DL) already created with the employees on/after that date? We see this often with New Hires. On the Distribution tab of your program, simply Exclude the DL that contains your new hires. There arent any in the group below but if so, you’d see the count in ( ). Works the same for any group, for example Country=Brazil. Hope this helps.


Hi coming back on this topic, (filter by hire date),  existing filters only offer the possibility to select (XX days after hire date or before). No possibility to chose a fixed range of date? for instance hire date from 01 Aprl 22 till 30 July 22?

thanks for your comments, Virginie