direct reports incorrectly able to see my company wide results access

  • 20 October 2023
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Hi there,

We’ve recently completed a company wide survey and 2 member of the HR team have admin access to view the results of the entire company…but we have noticed that direct reports under us (who are not responsible for anything related to this type of work) who are line managers and that have only 1 direct report can incorrectly see the results of the entire company! From my understanding they should only be seeing the results of their 1 up Managers team (which is for 20 employees AND NOT ALL 580!). This appears to be a concerning bug/security/privacy flaw where Glint is determining everyone company wide and their results is part of the Admin users team… Anyone else noticed this issue and is it getting fixed? 

1 reply

@kim.turner I’m filing a ticket and escalating.