Differences in report filters

  • 26 April 2022
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I used the manager hierarchy filter under reports to pull a manager’s results.  I believe I selected her direct reports and their teams.  The report shows 9 responses (9 out of 10) and a score of 75 (-5 from last survey).  I then used the reports to manager ID filter and see 8 (8 of 9) responses and a score of 72(-18)

Will you explain what each of these report pulls and how I see such a discrepancy in the results. 

I am guessing the manager is NOT included in the  reports to manager ID report.


2 replies

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@claire.lang Thanks for reaching out. I’m sending your question along to the right Glintster for an answer!

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@claire.lang okay! The Glint expert agrees with your theory that both filters should yield the same result so they would like you to move along to with your concern.

Hope this gets resolved quickly!