Creating my Leadership Pledge

  • 30 June 2022
  • 1 reply

I have been tasked to create my leadership pledge via Glint but i cannot see where there is a template or a direction on the site to enable me to do that. Can anyone help please?

1 reply

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Hello Laura - It’s a pleasure connecting with you. Thank you for reaching out on this.  I’m not familiar with the term ‘leadership pledge’, however, I’m guessing this could be what your organization uses to describe creating an Action Plan in the Glint system. When you access your reporting site, you should see a guided experience to reviewing your results, discussing with your team and committing to next steps.  The ‘Choose an Action Plan’ hyperlink will allow you to create an action plan specific to your team on the most recent engagement results. 


Interested in learning more? Click here. I hope this helps!