Confused about Glint Score results when all ratings are 5

  • 30 March 2022
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I have a few questions where all of the respondents gave a 5 rating, which should yield an average score of 100. But the Glint scores on those questions are 80s and 85s. How does that compute?


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@rbennett00 Hi. Thanks for reaching out. 

I am thinking that you are seeing a 100% favorability rating and then scores of 80-85. There would not be a way for you to know that all ratings were scored as 5s.

The 80 or 85 is an average score as the five point scale is converted to the 0-100 point scale. On the 5 point scale, a 1 response equates a score of 0, a 2 response equates to a score of 25, a 3 (middle) response equates to a score of 50, a 4 response equates to a score of 75, and a 5 response equates to a score of 100.

The % favorability shows were the responses fell to achieve that 80 or 85 score. On a five point scale, the top two responses are favorable, the middle response is neutral, and the bottom two responses are unfavorable. If you have 100% favorability, all responses were either a 4 or 5. But, since a 4 equates to a score of 75, 100 is not the average score.

Hope this helps!