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  • 3 November 2022
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Can I, as a employee, edit the completed survey? 

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Hi kakuk,


This is dependent on the configuration of the survey and/or the support document that has been set-up with the glint support team (this I'm not 100% sure since it's a long time ago :) ).

Depending on the set-up there are three options I think:

  1. there is no option to retake the survey
  2. You can retake the survey by using the link that was provided in the invite, this should take you to the start of the survey - if not this is most likely not set-up like that.
  3. Employees can ask the Glint support team - however this is also dependent on what the agreement was during implementation. So, it's possible that Glint will deny the request as agreed on with your company


Hopefully someone from Glint can confirm the above!


Good luck!


Vincent van Ravenswaaij

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@kakuk Thank you for your question and @vanravenswaaij thank you for the ‘speed of light’ answer. You have provided (mostly) correct information. You cannot edit your survey, but you may have the option to completely retake it. The following information is found on our tech self-serve FAQ page:

Can an employee retake their survey?

For programs that have the Allow Pulse Resubmission feature enabled, employees can use the link in their survey invite to initiate a retake. They will be directed to the Thank You page where they will see the message below. You may want to remind them that all responses previously submitted will be deleted. To resubmit their survey, they simply select here to restart their survey.


The Thank You page provides the link for employees to retake a survey.

For admins to enable Allow Pulse Resubmission for a program (before or during a Live survey), navigate to Configure > Pulse Programs > Select the program > Program Setup > switch Allow Pulse Resubmission to Yes.

Please check with your manager to discover your options.