Clearing Bookmarked Comments

  • 25 September 2019
  • 2 replies


Is there an easy way to clear all your bookmarked comments at once?

2 replies


Hi Amy,

Great question. While Glint is constantly updating our products, there is not a way to mass remove the bookmarks from comments at this time. Let me get some more information from you on our next call on how you would intend to use this, so that I can properly file an enhancement request. 

Warm regards,



I just saw this conversation after wanting to know the same thing. 

I bookmarked sensitive comments that I read as they came in during administration so that I could know what I had and had not yet read. I wish there was a way to “approve” comments and remove them from sensitive or some such function. Now I have 1800 flagged comments that I no longer want bookmarked. Then I want to create a report for IT related comments, so I want to book mark those, run a report with a wordcloud and topics bubble for IT related comments, then I will move on to another functional area after unbookmarking IT comments. Unbookmarking comments one at a time is arduous and tedious.