Change in management

  • 4 May 2021
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Hello can I please request access to the following sites, following a change in management recently.


Individual 1 from Cocks Moors Woods to Fox Hollies Leisure Centre and Beeches Pool and Fitness Centre. ( 2 sites )

Individual 2 from Fox Hollies and Stechford Leisure Centres to Cocks Moors Woods. ( 1 site)

Individual 3 needs access to Stechford Leisure Centre. (1 site )

1 reply

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Hi @alan.donovan - Thanks for reaching out!  This is something you will establish within your organization, not that Glint manages.  Reach out to your HR team or the team that administers Glint within your org for any hierarchy changes.  I’m also going to adjust your post to remove any personally identifying info :).