Capturing comments for a team of 8 in a pulse survey

  • 2 February 2023
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I need help in understanding when we want to conduct a mini “pulse” survey off-cycle (ad-hoc) for one specific department, in this case the Marketing team at our corporate office which has a team of only 8 people, what happens to their comments?  Do we have the ability to view any comment they submit with their survey? 

I’m aware that in order for a department, group, or team of people to have any engagement data associated with their department, we need a minimum of 5 respondents.  For comments to be associated with that team or department, there must be a minimum of 10 respondents.  If that team has only 8 people take the survey, we will see engagement data for them, but any comments submitted from those 8 individuals would be “grouped” into the all community comments – department will reflect “suppressed” for confidentiality purposes.


1 reply



First be sure that your program has Broader Team Insights enabled. Now, because I want to be sure you get a very accurate answer, I am forwarding your question onto support!