Can't view latest Survey Results

  • 18 April 2022
  • 6 replies

My Glint results are only for the first survey taken last year.  How can I change the report to show the latest results?

6 replies

@lynn.shelton I’ll need a bit more info! Have you received notice that your latest report(s) are ready to view? And yet you still cannot view them? Have you used the left column in the Reporting tab to switch to the survey you hope to look at? Let me know where you are in the process, please.


Sending two screen shots.  I don’t see an option on the left side of the screen?

To answer your other questions…

I did receive my email about my latest report being available.

My General Manager can view the results.

One more question and then I will get you the right help - which exact survey are you unable to see? And have you tried to access from the original communication that let you know your report was ready? I guess that was 2 questions!


I unfortunately can’t find the link for the newest survey.  I did receive the email saying it was ready.  But the link took me to June of 2021.

The Survey I need to view is from February of 2022.

The Survey I see is from June of 2021.

I figured it out.  The first page will only show June of 2021 because I had enough responses at that time?  The other report will only give me the score, and no comments.


Thank you for your help!