Can I retract a survey?

  • 13 October 2020
  • 1 reply

I filled out a survey last week.  But, I would like to retract it is possible.  Natasha has only been my boss for 3 weeks.  That’s not really long enough to judge anybody.

1 reply

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Hi @lucia_perri - if your organization’s survey is still running, you can retake your survey which will delete all of your prior answers.  See this article for guidance:; 

However, your perspective after 3 weeks is still very valuable for your manager and organization; don’t write yourself off!  Use the comments to provide an explanation for your scores (although don’t give yourself away by saying “I’m still only 3 weeks in…” etc) so that they can really analyze and understand why you provided the feedback you did.

Glint is not meant for judging managers AT ALL, but providing them with starting points for taking action.  They need to know where action is needed in order to do that, so take your survey with that perspective in mind. 

Thanks for reaching out and good luck with the survey!