• 5 December 2022
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I'm new to Glint so apologies for what might sound like a silly question. So, who is the survey benchmarked against? The rest of the company, other organisations? if the latter how do i know what sector these orgs are in? Can i benchmark against sectors that are similar to my org? thanks

1 reply

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Hi @sarn.bal You know there are no such things as silly questions! And if we haven’t done a perfect job of providing explanations to our customers, than we can do better. First, will you please take a look at these community pages? If you have questions, then please let me know how we can be of further help or it may be useful to go directly to tech support at

Glint’s Global Benchmarks and Methodology

Best Practice: Choosing Your Benchmark

People Science Explains: Benchmarks

Glint Guided Experience: Benchmarks

Hope this helps!