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is it possible to assign the results of a team to another manager? I have a situation, that when the data were uploaded to the Glint platform before the survey and when the survey was closed, a team reported to a person who is not a manager of this team any more. There's a new person in the manager's role for this team. I'd like him (the new manager) to work with the results in the platform as he also will conduct the Close the Loop sessions with his team and will hopefully see the improvement in the next year's edition of the survey.

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I should add that the new manager of the team is also new in the company, joined a month ago. So he doesn't have the access to the Glint.


Hi there, anyone can help with this question?

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Hi @katarzyna.jankowska‌, we've found that the best/easiest solution in these situations is to have the HRBP PDF the results from the prior leader and provide the PDF'd report to the new leader. Ideally the HRBP would walk this new leader through the results, so that the HRBP can give input/context. Because we survey quarterly, the new leader will get access to tool and their team's next results relatively quickly. 

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Brian, you're the literal best.  @katarzyna.jankowska, you can also assign custom access on the user profile by clicking the little pencil icon beside the relevant program and then assign access to another manager's hierarchy.  However, to Brian's point, we do not recommend updating. The survey is capturing a point in time and the scores are a reflection of the employees manager at that time.  In that sense, Brian's suggestion is terrific in that it provides the new manager with what she or he needs, while still maintaining fidelity.


Brian, Brigid, thanks for your reply.

I guess that I will not assign the new manager in the Glint as I don't see the pencil icon (lack of admin access).

I already shared the screens and pdf report with the new guy. My Intention was to grant him the full access so he didn't have to rely on the main screens (drivers and the scores).

But ok, for now it has to be enough 😊

Once again, thank you so much for your help and support. Have a lovely day!