As an admin, how do I view my managers team results?


So I am the admin for my company and i sit within our People Team. When I look at a report/ dashboard view I cannot see my CPO in the team summary nor can I log-in as her to view results.


Is this intentional to prevent access?

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Hi, @ben.hutchings ! I’ve looked at your data. Your CPO isn’t showing in your survey that just completed because they were marked Inactive back in Nov 2021. I can see them in the hierarchy for your older surveys just not your recent April one. If that is invalid, you’ll need to either connect with your CSM or our Support team to resolve and update the April 2022 hierarchy.


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@ben.hutchings I checked with an expert and it appears you have an invalid manager hierarchy which is mostly likely causing the issue. We need to know the name of your CPO in order to investigate further. Will you please send me that in a private email?